Who We Are

Firstly, this page was written by me – the co-founder’s wife and his sons’ mum. Thus, don’t be too surprised if you’d notice the hints of pride and awe. It’s quite normal, isn’t it?

ALPJ and Sons is a team of father and three sons, as the partnership’s name suggests.

Curious to know who they are and what they do individually?

Here goes my write-up about them:

Artemio Pretila Jr

Jun fondly calls himself the “Hydrographer” as he refers to the Hydrographic Surveying course he successfully undertook through the Royal Australian Navy School of Hydrography. A basketball fanatic, he is famous for his hoop moves and has been his two older boys’ mentor and a basketball coach, which he has done well as he produced two (2) MVP awards for his second son and a professional-referee-in-the-making out of his first-born. A Journalism awardee, he has been the editor-in-chief of several magazines and publications, too. A former Navy officer, he has led a training school and held various leadership and management roles as well. He has recently chosen to leave his flashy life to be physically with his beloved family. A man of passion, he is also a man of his word.

Artemio Emanuel Pretila III

Nicknamed by his dad and known to his friends as “Huey,” he is a tech geek who unbelievably manages to juggle his studies while working on two jobs. He has been a basketball referee for many years now, and he has started working in a multi-national tech company recently. He is the family’s first boy wonder – gaining awards since he started pre-school up to recently. His achievements included the International Competition and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), Project Toad – A Space Project, Tournament of the Minds (TOM), and so much more. He loves art and has been building on his skills which he first showed at merely 11 months old when he drew a parrot perched on a tree branch with unbelievable precision. He loves music and has even composed a melancholic song when he broke up with his first love. He is a prolific writer, as he has written amazing pieces that his mum didn’t believe he wrote. He is the doting Kuya, or older brother, to his youngest brother Noah.

Sev Emanuel Pretila

Named after his paternal grandfather, Severino, Sev has already bewitched everyone with his lovable personality and aura even on the very first day he was born. All the nurses seemed to swoon and have been caught by his smile, which has perplexed his mum then and even until now. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, as he has grown up to be the most loving, compassionate, thoughtful, intuitive, and kind one amongst the whole family team. But, beneath the gentle and smiling face exist determination, wit, humour, photographic memory, agility, and both physical as well as inner strength. He has been a two-time basketball Most Valuable Player (MVP), which could have easily been three times if his coach-dad didn’t choose to give the award to another team member for propriety sake. He has outdone adults when he competed and won in a State Karate Competition even if he was merely a kid. Like his older brother, he also received the AMC Distinction, ICAS High Distinction, Principal’s Award, and other school awards. Another undeniable proof of his well-roundedness and intellect is his ability to get into the Ignite Program, an offering for gifted and high-achieving kids. A great bassist, he has performed in several concerts as well. Also recently, he has been hailed more than once with a “Best Debater” recognition, as his team was even able to beat contestants from the state’s top school. Also a voracious reader and avid writer especially when he was younger and not swamped by advanced school work yet, he and the book he wrote when he was 11 years old had been the main reasons ALPJ Sons exist today

Noah Emanuel Pretila

This 10-month-old baby is small but incredible. Stay tuned to this website for more details about his journey.